Buzzme usage rewards

It doesn’t matter what you do, we’ll reward any and all of your pay-per-use usage with 20% credit back

Made RM20 voice calls
4 points
Sent RM5 SMS
1 point
Used RM5 data
1 point

Data subscription rewards

For a limited time only, subscribe to Smart Surf 1GB or 3GB and enjoy these rewards

Subscribed to Smart Surf 1GB
5 points
Dial *122*6*1*4# to subscribe
Subscribed to Smart Surf 3GB
15 points
Dial *122*6*1*5# to subscribe
  • The redemption value for 1 point is equivalent to RM1.
  • The values displayed for the Buzzme usage rewards are for example only. 
  • The 20% credit back applies to pay-per-use usage only.
  • Points can be redeemed for free credit or merchandise at our online store at m8.

How to redeem your points for free credit?

Step 1
Dial *122*7*1# and press call
Step 2
Select the amount of points to redeem
Step 3
Confirm your selection