1. What is Buzzme?

    Buzzme is one of Malaysia’s fastest growing prepaid mobile services that reward you every time you make a local call, send a local SMS or use data.

  2. What are the services provided?

    Buzzme provides prepaid telephony services such as Voice and SMS, mobile Internet and IDD calls.

  3. What makes Buzzme special?

    With Buzzme, you’ll enjoy instant rewards whenever you make calls, send SMS or surf the Internet.

  4. What kind of rewards will I enjoy?

    Each time you make a call, send an SMS or surf the Internet, you’ll receive Reward Points that can be used to redeem airtime immediately or special offers on in the near future.

  5. What is My BFF?

    My BFF stands for “Buzzme Famili & Frens” and also “best friends forever”. You can add up to 10 Buzzme numbers to My BFF and enjoy lower call and SMS rates.

  6. Where can I reload my Buzzme credit?

    You can reload your Buzzme credit at, 7-Eleven, e-pay or our authorised dealers. Just look out for the M8 logo at an outlet near you.