Buzzme Prepaid


1. What makes Buzzme so different from other prepaid mobile services?

Buzzme gives you instant Reward Points for making calls, sending SMS and even surfing the Internet. You are also entitled to exclusive deals at

2. I’ve just purchased a Buzzme Starterpack. How do I activate my SIM card?

Make sure to register your information when you purchase the Starterpack, then simply insert the SIM card into your phone to make calls, send SMS and surf the Internet.

3. How much airtime is preloaded into my Starterpack?

The RM10 Starterpack is preloaded with RM8 credit while the RM30 Starterpack is preloaded with RM30 credit.

4. For the RM10/RM30 Starterpack, what are the rates for Data, Voice and SMS and what is the validity?

Starterpack Recommended Retail Price RM10 RM30
Preloaded credit RM8 RM30
Validity 30 days
Voice calls 18 sen / min
SMS 10 sen / SMS
Video calls 20 sen / 30 sec
My Buzzme Famili & Frens Up to 10 My BFF numbers
Data (Pay-Per-Use) 5 sen / MB
Rewards Up to 20% rewards for every local call,
SMS and data pay per use made everytime
Voice and video calls are charged in 60-second and 30-second blocks respectively.

5. Does Buzzme have monthly data packages? What are the settings required?

We do! Just click on Plans in the navigation menu for more information.

To connect to our mobile Internet service, please follow the settings below:
Name: buzzme@m8
APN: m8data
Proxy: <leave blank>
User ID & Password: <leave blank>

6. What are the rates for special numbers?

The rates for special numbers are as follows:

1300-XX-XXXX 18 sen / min
15454 (TNB Careline)
15999 (Talian NUR)
112 & 999
103 (Directory Assistance) RM1 / 30 sec

7. How do I check my credit balance and Reward Points?

To check your credit and reward point balances, dial *126# and press SEND.

8. If I forget to top-up before the validity expires, what will happen to my unused credit during the deactivate/ disable period?

Your credit will still be there as long as your account is not terminated. Once your number is terminated, the remaining credit and Reward Points will be forfeited.

9. Does Buzzme support MMS?

Sorry, MMS service is not available.

10. Why am I not able to see Buzzme signal on the mobile in certain area?

Please ensure your mobile phone is set to dual mode under Network Mode setting. E.g Go to Mobile Network settings -> Network mode -> Select 3G & 2G or WCDMA(preferred)/GSM (this is subject to the device presentation)

Reward Points Credit Redemption
1. What are Reward Points?

Reward points are earned whenever you use Buzzme mobile services. Once you have accumulated a minimum of 3 points, you may start redeeming it for airtime.  In the near future, you’ll also be able to use your Reward Points to redeem attractive items at

2. Do Reward Points expire?

No. As long your number remains active, you will be able to redeem your points provided you have sufficient points.

The rewards will only be forfeited when your account has been terminated from our system. 

3. Can I redeem my rewards at any point of time?

Yes, you can.

4. How does the reward work?

Every local calls, SMS and data pay-per-use usage will reward you with 20% of your usage value as Reward Points.

E.g. If you made a call worth RM0.18, you will be rewarded with 0.04 Reward Points. If you sent an SMS worth RM0.50, you will be rewarded with 0.10 Reward Points. If you have browsed 100MB of data (costing RM5), you will be rewarded 1 reward point.
Local Voice Total usage of RM20 call made you will get 4.00 Points
Local SMS Total SMS charges of RM5.00, you will get 1.00 Point
Data Total data charges of RM5.00, you get 1.00 Point
Redemption of airtime credit Minimum 3 Points and above

5. My line got suspended earlier. Can I still use my Reward Points?

No, your line must be in active status to redeem points. Please reload and try again.
1. What is My BFF?

My BFF stands for “Buzzme Famili & Frens” and also “best friends forever”. You can add up to 10 Buzzme numbers to My BFF and enjoy lower call and SMS rates.

2. If I have reached the maximum numbers on My BFF list, can I add more?

No, the maximum total numbers of My BFF numbers is 10 Buzzme numbers.  Please note that each change after you’ve added the 10th number will be charged RM2 per transaction.

3. Will I get rewarded for making calls and sending SMS to My BFF numbers?

Yes you will. Similar to calls to normal numbers, 20% of your usage (local calls and SMS) will be rewarded to you as Reward Points.

E.g. If you made a call worth RM1.00 to a My BFF number, your will be rewarded with 0.20 points. If you send an SMS worth RM0.50 to a My BFF number, you will be rewarded with 0.10 points 

4. Will I need to add My BFF again when my account has been suspended?

No, your My BFF list will remain as it is.

5. Will I be charged for adding new numbers to My BFF list?

The first 10 numbers are free. If you have exceeded the 10 numbers provided, you will be charged RM2 per addition.
Keeping my number
1. What do I need to do to keep my number?

Step 1: Walk into any Buzzme dealers’ outlets.
Step 2: Purchase a new Buzzme SIM.
Step 3: Make sure your details (Name, NRIC/Passport/Old IC/others) have been registered. This information have to   be the same as what was provided when you registered your current SIM card.
Step 4: Use your Buzzme SIM card after successful registration.
Step 5: Upon successful porting, your Buzzme mobile number will be terminated and your SIM card will use your ported in number. 

2. How long does it usually take to port in to Buzzme?

It usually takes between 3 – 5 business days.

3. Will my credit be carried forward?

No. Your credit from your previous provider will be forfeited. Please ensure you have used up all your credit before porting. You also need to make sure your account is active.

4. Why was my port in application rejected?

You will need to check with your service provider. Some of the reasons could be
a) Your account was inactive.
b) The wrong information was provided, e.g. wrong NRIC identification provided.
c) Your account is a postpaid supplementary line.
1. Where is Buzz me's service/coverage available at?

Click here to view our coverage.

2. What if the signal/coverage in my area is poor? What am I supposed to do?

Please contact our Customer Care and provide your feedback. Our technical team will investigate and fix the issue in future enhancements.
SIM Cards
1. What happens if my SIM card is damaged or lost?

Step 1: Contact our Customer Care to inform about the damaged and lost SIM. We will suspend your account until further notice.
Step 2: Walk into any Buzzme dealers’ outlets or purchase it online at
Step 3: Purchase a new Buzzme SIM.
Step 4: Make sure your details (Name, NRIC/Passport/Old IC/others) are being registered.
Step 5: Contact our Customer Care to swap your old mobile number and transfer the remaining balance to the new SIM card.

2. I have a smartphone, do I need to cut my SIM?

No. Buzzme uses a re-pluggable SIM. You can remove the micro SIM from the card and also reuse the frame if you are using a featured phone. You will only need to cut the SIM card if your phone requires a nano SIM.