Personal Accident Insurance

1. Do I have to pay for this insurance coverage?
No, this is FREE for all subscribers who reload a minimum of RM30.00 (in one transaction, not accumulated) each month.
2. What is included in this RM100,000 Personal Accident coverage?
Please review the insurance coverage details here.
3. I’ve reloaded a minimum of RM30. When will the insurance coverage commence?
The insurance coverage will commence at the start of the next calendar month.
4. Will I be eligible for the coverage if I reload RM10 three times within the month?
No. You must reload a minimum of RM30 in one transaction. Accumulated reloads are not eligible.
5. What if I did not reload another RM30 the following month? Will I still be covered?
Sorry, this insurance coverage is offered on a month-to-month basis. If you did not perform a minimum reload of RM30.00 in a single transaction in any given month, you will not be eligible for coverage in the subsequent month.
6. If I reloaded RM30 on the 30th of the month, will I be covered in the following month?
Yes. This coverage is based on calendar months.
7. Will I receive an SMS when the coverage is effective?
No. This is a FREE benefit and every subscriber who meets the eligibility requirements will automatically be covered.
8. Who is the beneficiary of this coverage?
You and your next of kin are automatically assigned as the beneficiary.
9. How do I file a claim?
Please contact Berjaya Sompo Personal Accident Insurance directly to initiate a claim.
10. Can I change the beneficiary?
No, you cannot change the beneficiary name as this is offered under group coverage.
11. Will I be eligible for twice the coverage if I reload RM30 twice within a month?
No, each subscriber will only be covered once.