1. Where can I get Buzzme reloads?

Buzzme reloads are available online at, 7-Elevens, e-pay and our authorised dealers nationwide. Just look out for our m8 top up signage.

2. What is the difference between m8 and Buzzme?

m8 is a common top up powered by Enabling Asia. Buzzme is a mobile service that offers more loyalty benefits when you talk, SMS and use data services.

3. Can I use m8 top up for other service provider such as U Mobile, Hotlink, Digi and Xpax?

No, you cannot.

4. Why are there more denominations available at the dealer outlet?

That is because we aim to provide more options at our distribution channels.

5. Do you have a web reload service?

Yes. Kindly visit to get your Buzzme reloads.

6. I tried to top up but it shows “Reload fails, please contact service provider”. What should I do?

You may have exceeded the total retries. When that happens, the system will automatically block any additional attempt. Please contact our Customer Care at 011-3400 4400 for assistance.

7. What are the top up amount that I can choose from?

Via Dealer E-Reload
Retail Price (Credit + GST) Credit Validity
RM5.00 RM4.72 5 days
RM10.00 RM9.43 10 days
RM15.00 RM14.15 15 days
RM20.00 RM18.87 20 days
RM30.00 RM28.30 30 days
RM50.00 RM47.17 50 days
RM94.34 100 days
RM200.00 RM188.68 200 days
RM300.00 RM283.02 1 year
RM500.00 RM471.70 2 years
Via Reload Voucher
Retail Price (Credit + GST) Credit Validity
RM5.00 RM4.72 5 days
RM10.00 RM9.43 10 days
RM30.00 RM28.30 30 days
Pursuant to 2016 Budget Proposal, 6% GST rebate will be credited for all reloads for subscribers registered using NRIC, Police and Army ID  from 1 January to 31 December 2016.
E-Reload Transfer
1. What is E-Reload Transfer?

E-Reload Transfer is a service that allows you to transfer your credit to another Buzzme subscriber.

2. Do I get rewards by performing this transfer?

No. Buzzme rewards are limited to local voice, SMS, data pay-per-use usage and subscription to selected plans only.

3. Is there a limit for this transfer?

Yes. You can only transfer up to RM3 per transaction but you may transfer as many transaction you want as long you have sufficient credit.

4. Will there be a surcharge?

Yes. Both the transferor and transferee will be charged RM0.50 for each transaction. E.g. Subscriber A transferred RM3 to Subscriber B, total credit of RM3.50 will be deducted from Subscriber A main balance. Subscriber B will receive RM2.50 in his main balance with the surcharge fee deducted during the transfer.

5. What is the validity of this transfer?

This transfer will only be valid for 2 days.
Auto Reload
1. What is Auto Reload?

Auto Reload is a free service offered by m8 that automatically reloads your mobile prepaid line credit based on the standing instructions you have set up. Currently, you have the option to subscribe to a monthly or weekly Auto Reload via m8. To subscribe, please go to m8 Auto Reload to choose your preferred reload option, then login to your Paypal account and select your payment option.

2. What options are available for Auto Reload?

We offer the following two Auto Reload options:
- selected calendar date on a monthly basis, or
- weekly basis based on the day of the week you made the subscription

3. When will I receive the Auto Reload if I select the 29th, 30th or 31st as my monthly auto reload date?

If the recurring payment date falls on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, PayPal will perform the transaction on the first day of the following month for months without those dates.

For example: if the 29th is selected as the monthly recurring payment date and the last day in February is the 28th, payment will be made on the 1st of March.

4. Why do I have to sign up with Paypal to use Auto Reload?

The Auto Reload is offered via our secured payment partner, Paypal. This means that we do not store your payment information, making the transaction safer for you.

5. Why do I have to re-subscribe to Auto Reload after 12 months?

This is a requirement imposed by Paypal to ensure that you are still interested in subscribing to Auto Reload after one (1) year.

6. My Auto Reload failed/was suspended. What should I do?

The Auto Reload generally only fails when payment is unsuccessful. Please contact your selected payment option vendor (bank or credit card) for details and login to your m8 account again to re-activate the Auto Reload.

7. Can I use the Auto Reload for multiple mobile lines?

Yes, you can. Please visit m8 Auto Reload and choose the CREATE option to add additional lines.

8. How do I change my standing instruction options?

Please visit m8 Auto Reload and choose the EDIT option to make your changes.

9. How do I discontinue this service?

Please visit m8 Auto Reload and choose the EDIT option to discontinue the service.

10. Will I receive any notifications when the Auto Reload is completed or failed?

Yes, you will receive an email and an SMS notification.

11. How do I check my entire Auto Reload transaction history?

Please login to your m8 account and go to the Order Status tab to select your Auto Reload transaction history.