World SIM Starterpack

  1. Can I use Buzzme World SIM Staterpack on any mobile phone or tablet?

    Buzzme World SIM Staterpack supports most 3G/4G devices running on Android 4.0+ and iPhone 4S or above. However it will not work on devices that are SIM-locked by service providers. In addition, please ensure that SIM is inserted onto the slot one SIM tray in dual SIM phones.

  2. How much does the Buzzme World SIM Staterpack cost and how do I purchase it?

    The retail price of the Buzzme World SIM Staterpack is RM99. It can be purchased directly from our company’s official website or authorized dealers only.

  3. What should I do if I lost my Buzzme World SIM Staterpack?

    Please report to Buzzme immediately to suspend the account. You will also need to purchase a new Buzzme World SIM Staterpack as replacement. Buzzme will transfer your mobile phone number and remaining credit onto the new SIM upon activation.

  4. How do I use the Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP?

    (1) Connect your mobile device to a wifi or mobile data network.
    (2) Install the Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.
    (3) Open the Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP, enter your mobile number and APP password on the back of SIM card body to login.

  5. Can I change the Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP password?

    Yes, login to the Buzzme World SIM Staterpack App and then select [Settings] from the main menu to change the password.

  6. What should I do if I forgot the APP password?

    Open Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP, enter your registered mobile number and select the 'Forgot Password' option on the main screen. A new password will be sent to your registered home number.

  7. Do I need to register as a Buzzme World SIM Staterpack user to purchase plans?

    Buzzme recommends that you register as we send an electronic receipts for the plans you purchased via e-mail. Furthermore, some countries require registration to utilize mobile services.

  8. How do I purchase a plan?

    1. Ensure that your Buzzme World SIM Staterpack is in your mobile device.
    2. Login to Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP using the mobile phone number that you registered and select your Buzzme [Home] number.
    3. Select [Shop] at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Type in the country that you are visiting.
    5. Choose your preferred plan.
    6. Select [Buy] and choose a payment option.
    7. Upon succesful payment, you will receive the new plan on your mobile phone within 5 minutes.

  9. Can I top up an existing plan that I already purchased?

    Top up is available for Singapore and USA plans only.
    1. Login to Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP using the mobile phone number you registered.
    2. Select the Mobile Number that you want to top up.
    3. Select [Buy] Top Up Code.
    4. Proceed with payment.
    Note: Top up is not available for all plans.

  10. What currencies is used for payment?

    All plans are charged in USD. For m8 Buzzme credit wallet, payment will be converted to MYR at prevailing exchange rate.

  11. Can I purchase plans with credit cards?

    Yes, credit cards are accepted in addition to WeChat and m8 Buzzme credit.

  12. Why do I need to provide personal data when purchasing certain plans?

    The legal regulations in some countries require that the users' information to be submitted prior to enabling services. Failure to furnish the information may result in denial of service.

  13. Can I transfer plans from one Buzzme World SIM Staterpack card to another SIM Card?

    No. Purchased plans can only be used on the purchasing card and are not refundable nor transferable.

  14. I have purchased a prepaid plan with my credit card and the transaction was successful, but why don’t I see the plan I just purchased when I clicked on [My Number]?

    This service uses SMS of mobile telecommunication networks to send data to your registered mobile phone SIM. The SMS transmission can be affected by various elements including the location, geographic environment, network signal and connection speed etc. at the receiving end. If you did not receive the purchased number within 5 minutes after payment is concluded, please logout of the APP and log back in after 5 minutes to reset. If you still do not see the plan that you have just purchased, please contact our customer service at +601134004400 during business hours or send an email to to resend the SMS.

  15. Can I reuse the mobile number plan that I purchased if it already expired?

    No, all prepaid numbers will be recycled once the plan expired.

  16. Can I cancel (get a refund) for plans that I purchased?

    Sorry, all sales are final and non refundable.

  17. Why can't I access internet after I switched to local plan?

    (1) Please ensure that your mobile phone is latched onto the local telecommunication network.
    (2) Open “My Phone Number” and enter the “APN Setting” menu.
    (3) Create an APN manually and enable it to successfully connect to the internet. Please refer to the respective subscription plans for the APN settings.

  18. How can I check the remaining balance of my prepaid plan?

    1. Login to your Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP and select the purchased mobile number plan.
    2. Select [Check Balance] and follow the instruction.
    Note: Check balance is only available in selected countries.

  19. Will I receive any notifications when I have insufficient balance?

    You will receive a SMS notification for your Buzzme World SIM Staterpack Malaysia (home) number. However, there are no notifications for the Buzzme World SIM Staterpack plans due to the service limitation in the respective countries.

  20. What should I do if I no longer need the plan that I purchased?

    Buzzme World SIM Staterpack is a prepaid product and all purchased plans will expire 60 days upon purchase even if the plan is unused.

  21. How do I check the available plans and prices?

    Login to Buzzme World SIM Staterpack APP and select [Shop] on the bottom of the screen. Or visit for detailed explanations on each plan.

  22. When does the validity period of purchased plan starts?

    Other than day passes, the validity of the purchased plan starts upon first usage in destination country. Please also note that unused plan will expire 60 days upon purchased.

  23. Can I purchase multiple day passes for the same country?

    Yes, you may choose multiple days during the purchase process.

  24. Can I purchase multiple day passes for different countries?

    No, only one day pass is supported at any given time. Please ensure that you’ve utilized the existing day pass before purchasing another day pass.

  25. When does the validity for day pass starts?

    The validity starts at the date that you entered on the APP during the purchase process.

  26. When should I purchase a prepaid plan? Before leaving my home country or upon arriving at destination?

    We strongly recommend that you purchase the plan before traveling to ensure that the plan is successfully downloaded. Reminder: your registered home number must be active in order to download prepaid package successfully.

  27. Why was my Buzzme credit deducted when I purchase a subscription plan?

    Each successful subscription will trigger your mobile phone to send two SMS (50 sen each) to an international server requesting for over-the-air download of the destination mobile number. Please take note that international roaming SMS rate will apply if the subscription is completed outside of Malaysia. The SMS rates are as follows:

    Countries Rate/SMS (RM)