No fuss, just buzz!

The moment you join us, you’ll be enjoying our awesome rates and benefits while retaining your number

How to switch?

Step 1
Purchase a Buzzme Prepaid Starterpack and request to keep your number
Step 2
Make sure your personal details are accurate during registration
Step 3
Keep your old SIM active until a port-out confirmation message is sent to you
Step 4
Swap your old SIM with your Buzzme SIM once you received the port-out confirmation message
Step 5
You’re all set! It’s time to enjoy awesome rates and benefits
  • To assure that your port-in request proceeds smoothly, make sure the outstanding bills of your current number are settled.
  • Your current number must be active, does not have a supplementary line attached and is not a supplementary line.
  • It may take 3 to 5 business days for your request to be processed.